Bachmann 32-614SF Class 90 90019'Penny Black' Rail Express Systems

Bachmann 32-614SF Class 90 90019'Penny Black' Rail Express Systems
Bachmann 32-614SF Class 90 90019'Penny Black' Rail Express Systems

Bachmann 32-614SF Class 90 90019'Penny Black' Rail Express Systems

Hello and thank you for looking at the Bachmann Class 90 90019'Penny Black' Rail Express Systems. The locomotive is brand new and has only been removed from the box so I can take the photographs. The locomotive is not suitable for people aged 14 and under. The running number of this loco is 90019. Below is an extract from the Bachmann website.

Announced as part of our. Summer 2022 British Railway Announcements, we are delighted to present the beautiful Bachmann Branchline.

90019'Penny Black' in Rail Express Systems. Look no further than the Branchline Class 90 if you're searching for the pinnacle in British OO scale Electric locomotives. Combining a highly accurate and detailed body shell with an authentic chassis and bogies - each featuring a wealth of separately fitted detail - the Branchline Class 90 captures the distinctive shape and character of the real locomotives to a tee. Add to this the multiple lighting functions and their realistic operations, such as the Day or Night mode for the directional lighting and the cab lights that illuminate only in the direction of travel and when the model is stationary, and it's easy to see why this model is the complete package. What's more, when used on DCC the Pantograph, which itself is a fine reproduction featuring metal components, can be operated remotely via the built-in servo motor, meaning you can raise and lower this characteristic feature at any time, without having to intervene by hand. Model will take your enjoyment to the next level with its authentic sound effects, whether used on DCC or analogue control, and DCC-operation of the of the motorised pantograph. Pristine Rail Express Systems livery. Fitted with a ESU Loksound V5DDC Sound Decoder - See below for the function list. DETAIL VARIATIONS SPECIFIC TO THIS MODEL. TDM Cables fitted to the Buffer Sides. Original Slatted Horn Grille with Two Horns. Battery Boxes and Switch with Smooth sides and Sliding Access. BACHMANN BRANCHLINE CLASS 90 SPECIFICATION. Five pole, twin shaft motor with two flywheels providing drive to both bogies. Separate metal bearings fitted to each axle. Gearing arranged for prototypical running speeds and haulage capabilities. 5mm (OO gauge) wheels to NEM310 & NEM311 standards with authentic profile and detailing.

Close coupling mechanism fitted at each end, each of which is fitted with coupling pockets to NEM362 standards. Designed to operate on curves of second radius (438mm) or greater. Metal Pantograph, sprung for posing in the up or down position, or can be raised/lowered via the built-in servo motor when operated on DCC. Bogies constructed from multiple components featuring full relief detail. Separately applied metal detail parts, including horn grilles, roof grilles, lamp irons and aerials.

Each model supplied with a full set of decorated, model-specific bufferbeam pipework and accessory parts. Directional lighting, switchable on/off at either end on DCC or Analogue control. Day/Night Mode, selectable on DCC or Analogue control.

Directional lights and Day/Night Mode selection is controlled via easy-access switches on the roof when operated on Analogue control. Cab lighting, switchable on/off (at the leading end, when used on DCC only). Authentic light colours and temperatures selected for each model based on era and application. 21 Pin DCC decoder interface. Easy-access DCC decoder socket located underneath removable roof panel.

Speaker installed in all models for optimum sound reproduction. ESU Loksound V5DCC Sound Decoder fitted to. Sound files produced specifically for the Bachmann Branchline Class 90 using recordings from real locomotives. Models operate on DCC and Analogue control as supplied. Authentic liveries applied to all models.

Multiple paint applications employed on each model using BR/TOC specification colours. Logos, numerals and text added as appropriate using multi-stage tampo printing using authentic typefaces, logos and colours.

F0 - Directional Lights - On/Off (plus Light Switch Sound). F1 - Sound - On/Off (plus Battery Switch and Compressor Sounds).

F3 - Low Horn (Playable). F5 - Parking Brake On/Off (Loco won't move with Parking Brake On). F6 - On - Pantograph Up / Off - Pantograph Down (with Sounds). F7 - Flange Squeal (Speed Related). F10 - On - Guard's Whistle / Off - Driver's Response.

F12 - On - Pantograph Up (Sounds Only) / Off - Pantograph Down (Sounds Only). F14 - Directional Lights - On - Day Mode / Off - Night Mode. F15 - Cab Lights - On/Off (Direction Dependent). F18 - On - Cab Door Open / Off - Cab Door Shut. F19 - Uncoupling Movement Cycle. F20 - Directional Lights Off (Non-Pantograph End). F21 - Directional Lights Off (Pantograph End).

F22 - Fire Alarm Test. F23 - Volume Control (6 levels).

Please note that any automated drive sounds will be played when this model is used on analogue control (DC) straight from the box! Constructed at British Rail Engineering Limited, Crewe, the new locomotives were initially classified as 87/2s however this was soon changed to Class 90 as the design featured a completely new body-shell - although much of the technology within was shared with the Class 87s. Upon privatisation the Class 90 fleet was split between Virgin Trains, EWS and Freightliner.

By 1999 all of the Class 90/1s acquired by EWS had been converted back to 90/0s due to an increased requirement for passenger locomotives to work contracted ScotRail sleeper trains and for hire to GNER for East Coast Main Line services. Further renumbering by EWS occurred when nine locos were fitted with different brake blocks and these became Class 90/2s numbered in the 902xx series. The Freightliner locos were also converted back to their original specification in the early 2000s. 90128 was decorated in SNCB turquoise (Belgium), No.

90129 in DB red (Germany) and No. 90130 in SNCF orange and grey (France) and each carried the name Freightconnection in their respective languages, alongside No.

90022 which was named'Freightconnection' and carried Railfreight Distribution livery. The majority of the Class have carried names whilst in service and the 90s have appeared a variety of other post-Privatisation liveries such as GNER, DB Schenker, First ScotRail, One (Anglia), Greater Anglia, National Express, DRS and Malcolm Logistics.

Today, Class 90s remain in operation with Freightliner, DB Cargo UK (ex-EWS/DB Schenker) and most recently Locomotive Services which has acquired Nos. 90001 and 90002 and repainted them into InterCity Swallow livery for use on charters and excursions. Please study the photographs carefully as the form part of the description.

If you would like any further photographs, then please do not hesitate to contact me. I only post items to UK addresses. Please have a look at my other items. I will answer any questions within 24 hours.

I will leave feedback once I have received feedback, this is so I know the item has been received. This item is in the category "Collectables\Model Railways & Trains\Railways & Trains\Locomotives". The seller is "grandadstoyshop" and is located in this country: GB. This item can be shipped to United Kingdom.
Bachmann 32-614SF Class 90 90019'Penny Black' Rail Express Systems

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