Class Dcc Sound

ACC2648-DCC Accurascale OO Gauge Class 66 (Sound) Deluxe Weathered Bachmann OO Gauge Class 66 522 Freightliner SHANKS DCC SOUND Accurascale Class 37/0 D6703 DCC Sound ACC2301D6703DCC Limited Edition RARE Heljan 47123 OO Gauge Class 47 47137 BR Blue DCC Sound Fitted Hornby r3329 br late s15 class no 30830 dcc sound fitted not tts DC Kits Legomanbiffo Class 37 Sound Showcase For Accurascale 37s
Hornby 00 Gauge R2340 Br 4-6-2 Class A4'golden Plover' 60031 DCC Tts Sound Bachmann 35-361SF Class 20 088 BR Railfreight Grey Unbranded (DCC-Sound) Hornby'oo' Gauge R3394 Br Blue Class 20 #20163 Locomotive DCC Sound Bachmann 32-701ASF Class 46 Peak 46020 BR Blue DCC Sound Decoder chip fitted Bachmann (32-678DS) Class 45 Diesel D55 Royal Signals BR Green DCC & Sound Bachmann Whiskies Galore Train Set Class 20 Diesel DCC Sound Fitted Immaculate
Dapol Class 52 D1033'Western Trooper' BR Blue FYE (DCC-Sound) DA4D-003-020S OO Bachmann 35-357ASF Class 20 010 Disc Hcode Railfreight Red Stripe (DCC-Sound) Bachmann OO 32-955 Standard Class 4MT 2-6-0 76109, Late BR Lined Black, New Bachmann'oo' Gauge Br Blue Class 25 #d5256 Locomotive DCC Soundweathered Bachmann 00 Gauge 32-976dc Class 66 Diesel 66412 Drs Paul Chetter DCC Sound Hornby 00 Gauge R3523 Br Early 4-6-0 Class B17 Leicester City DCC Sound
Dapol 4D-006-020S Class 73 136 BR Intercity Executive (DCC-Sound) Accurascale ACC2649-DCC DB Red 66167 DCC Sound Bachmann 31-320DC Class J11 64325 BR Black Late Crest DCC Onboard 83904 Bachmann Spectrum HO 4-8-4 Class J Passenger Loco (DCC Sound)(Pre-Owned) Cavalex Class 56 DCC Sound Review Hornby class 56 BR COAL SUB SECTOR 56127 WITH ESU DCC SOUND DECODER
Hornby R3073 LNER A1 Class'4476' In LNER Green Royal Lancer DCC Sound Fitted Graham Farish'n' Gauge 371-007asf Br Grey Class 8 #08953 Locomotive DCC Sound Heljan 47243 Class 47 555'The Commonwealth Spirit' IC Exec. (DCC-Sound) OO Gauge Hornby 00 Gauge R3242 Br Black (early) 2-6-0 Class K1'62015' DCC Sound

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