Class Dcc Sound

Hornby 00 Gauge R3980 Late Br Green Class W1 4-6-4 No. 60700 DCC Tts Sound Hornby'oo' Gauge R3502 Virgin Trains East Coast Class 43 Hst'nrm40' DCC Sound BNIB OO Gauge Bachmann 35-302SF DCC SOUND Cl 37 D6710 BR Green Split Headcode N Gauge Farish 371-790SF DCC Sound Class 90 042 Freightliner'PowerHaul' Loco Bachmann 32-287BSF OO Gauge Class 101 2 Car DMU BR Blue & Grey DCC Sound Fitted Roco'ho' Gauge 73918 Cargounit Livery Class 194 Electric Loco DCC Sound
Hornby R3390TTS Virgin BR Class 43 HST Train Pack OO GAUGE DCC SOUND FITTED 32-287BSF Bachmann Class 101 2-Car DMU BR Blue & Grey DCC Sound Fitted Bachmann 31-147DS CLASS 11F 4-4-0 502 ZEBRUGGE GCR LINED GREEN (DCC-SOUND) OO Gauge Bachmann 31-726 DCC Fitted City Class 3433 City Of Bath GWR Loco Bachmann'oo' Gauge 32-783ds Br Blue Class 37/0 #37049 Diesel Loco DCC Sound Zimo Mx699kv Large Scale Class 35 Hymek DCC Sound Decoder 6a 15 Function
BNIB N Gauge Farish 371-360SF DCC Sound Class 60 60095 GBRf Loco Bachmann 31-265ASF OO Gauge Class 419 MLV S68002 BR Green DCC Sound Fitted Bachmann 32-734BSF OO Gauge Class 66/0 66117 DB Cargo DCC SOUND Piko'ho' Gauge 59904 Arriva Livery Class Br 183 #183002 Electric Loco DCC Sound Bachmann Class 66 Ews DCC Sound 32-725ds 66022 Dapol'oo' Gauge D1000h Br Blue Class 22 D6328 Diesel Locomotive DCC Sound
Bachmann'oo' Gauge 32-776ds Br Class 37/0 #37254 Diesel Loco DCC Sound Graham Farish 371-360SF N Gauge Class 60 60095 GBRf (DCC SOUND) Bachmann 32-529A Class 55 9014 BR The Duke of Wellington DCC Sound Dapol'o' 7d-009-005s Gwr 150 Choc/cream Class 121 Diesel Railcar DCC Sound Bachmann 35-357 OO Class 20 20227 Railfreight Red Stripe DCC Ready read desc Hornby R3458 SR 4-4-0'Shrewsbury' Schools Class DCC Sound Fitted
NEW DCC SOUND Hornby R3919TTS Class 66 66109 PD Ports Teesside Express Blue Dapol 4S-001-002S 7800 Class 7814'Fringford Manor' GWR Green with DCC Sound Dapol Class 73s, Various liveries and variants available, OO Gauge, You Choose Bachmann 35-200SF LNER V2 Class Steam Locomotive'4791' OO GAUGE DCC SOUND

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