Class Dcc Sound

35-312SFX Bachmann Class 37/0 Split Headcode 37069 Thornaby TMD DCC Sound Fitted Bachmann 32-381L DB Schenker Class 37'37419' DCC Sound Fitted Trains4U Bachmann 35-336SFX Class 37 Mary Queen of Scots Mainline Livery Sound Deluxe NEW OO Gauge Heljan 45090 DCC Sound Class 45 D13 BR Green Loco ESU V5 Blue TMC Box Heljan'o' Gauge 37441 Rr Class 37/4 Caithness 37261 Diesel Loco DCC Sound OO Gauge Bachmann Class 90 019 DCC SOUND Penny Black RES Royal Mail livery
Bachmann 31-498SF Class 158 2 Car DMU ScotRail Saltire DCC Sound decoder fitted OO Gauge Bachmann 32-442SF DCC Sound Class 24 137 BR Blue Loco OO Gauge Bachmann 32-415SF DCC Sound Class 24 D5036 BR Green Loco Bachmann 31-497SF Class 158 2 Car DMU #158839 Transport for Wales DCC Sound Dapol 7D-008-009UD Class 08 Green Late Crest Wasp Stripes DCC SOUND FITTED Bachmann'oo' 32-027nrmds Class 20 Br Green Gloss'nrm' DCC Digital Sound Loco
Hornby 00 Guage R3130xs 4-6-2 Merchant Navy Afrika Class DCC & Sound Fitted New Hornby R3663tts Br Peppercorn Class A1 Tornado 60163 With DCC Tts Sound OO Gauge Hornby R3244TTS DCC SOUND Class 8 Duke Of Gloucester 71000 BR Loco HELJAN 28001 CLASS 28 Metro Vick Co Bo D5700 BR Green Excellent Boxed DCC Fitted Hornby R3696 GWR Class 43 HST Intercity 125 Old Oak Common DCC Sound OO Gauge HORNBY'OO' GAUGE R2803XS BR SUB SECTOR CLASS 31 #31233 DIESEL LOCO DCC sound
OO Gauge Bachmann 32-416SF DCC Sound Class 24 035 BR Blue Loco Accurascale Class 37/6 37602 DRS'Compass' Logo DCC SOUND, ACC231437602DCC Aegis Delivers Power And Performance For The Nce Powercab 348 Bachmann 32-488SF Class 40 #D292 BR Green -DCC Sound Warley National Model Railway Exhibition 2023 Part 2 R3605TTS Hornby OO gauge Class 60 DB Schenker 60044'Dowlow' DCC Sound Fitted
Hornby R2805XS Class A4 loco Herring Gull 4466 with DCC Sound Bachmann 31-495SF Class 158 2-Car DMU 158884 South West Trains DCC Sound Fitted Trix 22886 H0 Steam Class A3 Flying Scotsman DCC / Mfx Soundfunctions # New Rapido Trains 905007 Class 28 D5700 BR Green (DCC-Sound)

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