BLI 6646 UNION PACIFIC TTG Metal Diecast FEF #840 withTendr DCC/Sound/SMOKE NIB

BLI 6646 UNION PACIFIC TTG Metal Diecast FEF #840 withTendr DCC/Sound/SMOKE NIB
BLI 6646 UNION PACIFIC TTG Metal Diecast FEF #840 withTendr DCC/Sound/SMOKE NIB
BLI 6646 UNION PACIFIC TTG Metal Diecast FEF #840 withTendr DCC/Sound/SMOKE NIB
BLI 6646 UNION PACIFIC TTG Metal Diecast FEF #840 withTendr DCC/Sound/SMOKE NIB
BLI 6646 UNION PACIFIC TTG Metal Diecast FEF #840 withTendr DCC/Sound/SMOKE NIB

BLI 6646 UNION PACIFIC TTG Metal Diecast FEF #840 withTendr DCC/Sound/SMOKE NIB

6646 Union Pacific 4-8-4, Class FEF-3, #840. Two-Tone Gray, Paragon4 Sound/DC/DCC, Smoke. New HO scale factory painted and assembled model of a northern Class 4-8-4 metal diecast steam locomotive and centipede oil tender with back-up light by Broadway Limited Imports.

Factory installed Paragon4 DCC and sound; factory installed smoke maker and working lights. Painted 2-tone gray with yellow stripes and lettering for the Union Pacific RR. Never removed from original box with all factory inserts. Housed in long 18 box with tender already connected to locomotive, and couplers installed. The Northern type locomotives on the Union Pacific were built by Alco Schenectady Works in 3 classes between August 1937 and December 1944.

The first class, designated FEF-1, for Four Eight Four, comprised numbers 800-819. These locomotives were equipped with 80-inch drivers and larger 14-wheel centipede style tenders with a 23,500 gallon capacity and were class FEF-2. In Dec 1944, 10 additional 4-8-4 locomotives were delivered, these equipped with low-backpressure double stacks, numbered 835-844, and designated FEF-3. All three classes developed 63,800 lbs of tractive effort.

Throughout their service careers multiple modifications were made, including conversion to oil, feedwater heater systems, addition of smoke lifters (designated Wind Wings on UP drawings) and a Mars light, and replacement of stacks from singles to doubles and even triple stacks. UP 844, the final steam locomotive delivered to UP, has been in continuous service on Union Pacific since it was built in 1944; renumbered from UP 844 to UP 8444 between June 1962 and June 1989. In this production, BLI is modeling the FEF-3 Class with these notable features. Accurately modeled FEF-3 double stack and triple stack - prototypically accurate for each road number. Centipede-style oil tenders with finely detailed oil inserts.

#844 has the Heritage Fleet containment dam, other road numbers do not. Options for Worthington and Sellers FWH. Wind Wings on all FEF-3 models in this production.

Cast steel Commonwealth pilot with options for a front coupler or pilot insert. #844 in modern appearance without Mars light.

Other SKU's do have the Mars light. FEF-3 class road numbers are 835-844. Features Chart for Union Pacific FEF-3 2021 Production. Rear Light in Tender Body Shell. 6640 Union Pacific 4-8-4, Class FEF-3, #844.

6641 Union Pacific 4-8-4, Class FEF-3, #843. 6642 Union Pacific 4-8-4, Class FEF-3, #835. 6643 Union Pacific 4-8-4, Class FEF-3, #838.

6644 Union Pacific 4-8-4, Class FEF-3, #842. 6645 Union Pacific 4-8-4, Class FEF-3, #836. 6647 Union Pacific 4-8-4, Class FEF-3, Unlettered. ALL-NEW Paragon4 Sound & Control System. Synchronized Puffing Smoke with Chuff Sound.

Variable Puffing Smoke Intensity and timing. Separate Whistle Smoke Feature - smoke streams from whistle area when whistle is blown. Integral DCC Decoder with Back EMF for Industry Best Slow Speed Operation in DC and DCC. Precision Drive Mechanism engineered for continuous heavy load towing and smooth slow speed operation. 5-Pole Can Motor with Skew Wound Armature. Heavy Die Cast Boiler, Tender Body, and Chassis for Increased Tractive Effort. Premium Caliber Painting with Authentic Paint Scheme. Prototypical Light Operation with Separately Controllable Headlight, Rear Light, Cab Light, Mars Light, Front Numberboards, Front Marker Lights, and Rear Tender Deck Light equipped with Bi-color White/Red LED. Factory-installed Engineer and Fireman Figures. Prototypically Accurate Details for Each Road Number.

Many Separately Applied Details such as Handrails, Ladders, Piping, Whistle, and Brass Bell. Equipped with Rubber Traction Tires for Increased Pulling Power. Recommended Minimum Radius: 22 inches. Accurate Prototypical Sounds for the UP FEF-3 Northern. Broadway Limited Imports is proud to introduce Paragon4 : The new benchmark for premium HO sound-equipped locomotives.

These DC and DCC-Sound equipped locomotives feature the ALL-NEW Paragon4 sound and control system. Each Paragon4 locomotive comes with BLI's own integral DCC Decoder factory installed.

Paragon4 locomotives offer Dual Mode DC and DCC operation with superb back EMF motor control, improved DC motor control, built-in capacitor pack for more reliable electrical pick-up, industry best on-board sound with Rolling Thunder functionality, Pro Lighting Mode for prototypical light control, Switcher model for precise low speed control, recordable DCC operation for automated playback, and the same excellent detail level as Broadway Limited's Paragon3 Series models. Paragon4 Sound & Control System. Operates in DC & DCC with improved DC speed control (use DCMaster for DC Sound). Built-In capacitor pack to navigate imperfect track. Capacitor Pack automatically disabled on program track for full compatibility with JMRI Decoder Pro. Pro Lighting Mode offers individual control of all lights on model. Switcher Mode for precise low speed control. Record & Play Operation - Records and plays back sounds and movements once or repeatedly for automatic operation. Quillable Whistle for various whistle lengths and patterns.

Choice of 3 selectable Horns. Alternate Whistle / Horn where applicable for locomotive with air horn and steam whistle - both the main whistle and alternate can be easily played.

Adjustable bell ringing interval for faster or slower bell. Numerous user-mappable functions with available keys.

Johnson Bar Sound at Direction Change. Multiple realistic passenger and crew sounds play on command. Automatic Forward / Reverse Signal - When activated, stopping triggers and stop whistle toot. When moving forward from a stopped position, toots twice.

Chuff sound intensity varies with load. Individually adjustable sound volumes for each effect.

EZ Reset Button for quick return to factory default settings. Specifications on this page subject to change. Customer ordered the wrong product, or just don't want it. DO NOT OPEN THE ITEM IF YOU ARE GOING TO RETURN IT! Must be in original box unopened with no damage to the package or packaging (we need to be able to resell that product as new).

Items must be in "new, unaltered and unused condition". Do not tape anything to the item. That is 20% of the items price you paid. Wrong item sent or defective product. If we make a mistake by sending you the wrong item or you get a defective product we will make it right at no cost to you.

Of the Class Y's were retired in the summer of. This item is in the category "Toys & Hobbies\Model Railroads & Trains\Railroads & Trains\Locomotives".

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BLI 6646 UNION PACIFIC TTG Metal Diecast FEF #840 withTendr DCC/Sound/SMOKE NIB

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