Class Dcc Sound

OO Gauge Bachmann 32-388 V4 DCC SOUND Class 37 427 Bont Y Bermo BR Blue Loco Bachmann 00 Gauge 32-676 Class 45 Br Blue Royal Army Ordnance Corp DCC Sound Diesel Class 66 sounds pre-loaded on a Loksound V5 DCC Decoder incl Hatton's Bachmann Collectors Club 35-359KSF Class 20 20142 SIR JOHN BETJEMAN -DCC SOUND Hornby Oo Gauge, Northern Belle Train Pack, Class 47 Galloway Princess, DCC Sound Sn3 Brass PBL D&RGW CLASS K-27 #456 FACTORY PAINT DCC/SOUND
Bachmann 31-001 LNER Robinson 04 Class'63601' DCC HOWES SOUND FITTED OO GAUGE Dapol O Gauge Class O8 DCC Sound And Professionally Weathered ESU 97817. S0882 LS V5 Class 3F Jinty (1F & 4F) Micro 8 Pin DCC Sound Decoder Bachmann OO GAUGE 32-034DS Class 20 DCC FACTORY FITTED SOUND D8138 SUPERB Bachmann 32-441SF OO Gauge Class 24/1 # D5149 BR Green SYP DCC Sound Dapol 4D-022-015S Class 68'68026' DRS Plain Blue DCC Sound Fitted
Hornby R3244TTS BR 4-6-2 Class 8 DUKE OF GLOUCESTER No. 71000 NO SOUND DCC Ready Bachmann'oo' Gauge 20-2009 Class A2 Blue Peter 4-6-2 Steam Loco DCC Sound Bachmann Collectors Club 35-358KSF Class 20 20227 SHERLOCK HOLMES DCC SOUND Hornby R3285TTS Gadwall A4 Class Loco TTS Sound DCC Digital Factory Condition Bachmann 35-126SF dcc sound Legoman Chip Deluxe TMC Weathering class 20 MTH 4-8-4 Class J Norfolk & Western N&W 603 DCC withSound/Smoke HO scale
Bachmann Class 150 32-939DS DCC Sound TMC Weathered N Scale Bachmann NORFOLK & WESTERN CLASS'J' 4-8-4 DCC & SOUND Locomotive 53252 Heljan OO Class 33 BR Blue D6579 with DCC Howes Sound fitted 3382 N Gauge Farish Class 08 DCC SOUND Hejan Class 27 DCC Sound Fitted By Digitrains 00 Gauge Bachmann 32-740SF Class 66 Diesel 66789'BRITISH RAIL' with DCC SOUND
Hornby Class 125 HST Power Cars Intercity (DCC Sound) Broadway Limited 5989 HO N&W Class A 2-6-6-4 Steam Locomotive Sound/DC/DCC #1218 Bachmann Class 20129 BR Blue DCC Sound Bachmann 00 Gauge 32-928 Class 150 Provincial Sprinter Weathered DCC Sound

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