Class Dcc Sound

Bachmann 32-401DS Class 25/3 BR Two Tone Green DCC Sound DAPOL Class 68-68002 DRS DCC & Sound fitted Bachmann 32-782 Class 37 Locomotive'D6801' DCC HOWES SOUND FITTED OO TESTED Bachmann Class 158 Regional Railways DCC Sound 31-517DC Hornby R2804XS LMS 4-6-0 Class 5P5F Black 5 44875 DCC SOUND FITTED OO TESTED Bachmann 31-368DS Class 03 03026 BR Blue DCC Sound
Powerline Victorian Railways T Class Review DCC U0026 Sound BROADWAY LIMITED 4765 HO ATSF 4000 Class 2-8-2, #4023 Oil Paragon4 Sound/DC/DCC Bachmann N Gauge DCC. GWR'Castle Class' Pullman Digital Sound Train Set ESU 97418. S0188 LS V5 Class 108 DMU Diesel DCC Sound Decoder 21 Pin (U Drive)SWD DCC Sound Fit In Bachmann Dmu Easy To Do Esu Loksound V5 Decoder First Great Western 150 Bachmann Class 20 Diesel BR Green 32-033DS DCC Sound Fitted
Bachmann'oo' Gauge 31-041 Southwest Trains Class 450 4 Car Emu DCC Sound Bachmann Class 150/2 Dcc Sound Fitted FGW First Great Western Class 150 Graham Farish'n' Gauge 371-450 Br Blue Class 37 038 Diesel Loco DCC Sound Bachmann OO Gauge 32-800 Class 47 Diesel D1500 Two Tone Green DCC SOUND Bachmann Oo Gauge Class 37 No. 37693 In Br Large Logo Livery, DCC Sound Fitted Realtrack Class 156 Regional Railways DCC sound
Bachmann'oo' Gauge 31-237z Class 205 Thumper Two Car Demu Dmu DCC Sound New Loksound 5 DCC Sound Decoder For Dapol Class 68 + Megabass Speaker, 21 Pin New Loksound 5 DCC Sound Decoder For Hornby Or Dapol Class 59 + Speaker, 66, 67 New Loksound 5 DCC Sound Decoder For Dapol Class 22 Baby Warship, D6300, Speaker Bachmann 32-936 Class 150 /2 DMU Regional Railways 150270 DCC Sound Fitted Diesel Class 33 sounds pre-loaded on a Loksound V5 DCC Sound Decoder
Hornby R2702 BR Intercity Swallow Class 43 HST 125 DCC TTS Digital Sound Fitted BACHMANN 00 GAUGE 32-727DS CLASS 66 Blue Lightning GBRF DCC Sound New Loksound 5 DCC Sound Decoder For Kernow Class 41 Warship, D600 D6XX, Speaker Dapol 4D-009-HAT06 Class 121 Railtrack Bubble Car DCC Sound Fitted

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